Why You Shouldn’t Have a Real Estate Agent

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There are several opportunities for homeowners to have a real estate agent; however, there are underlying disadvantages to having any old real estate agent. Our job is to inform clients about everything that goes on behind the scenes. River City Home Offer pays more, avoids fees, and doesn’t collect off of commission. Think about the following cons when deciding to incorporate a real estate agent or not.


  1. Expensive – Hiring an agent means you will have to pay them for their time, and if they have decades of experience, it can get costly, really quickly. The general rate is to pay your agent 6% of the total sale price, not including any profit you may make from it.
  2. Mercy – With someone else jumping into the mix, homeowners now find themselves adhering to someone else’s schedule as opposed to focusing on only their own. Depending on their plan, busy or not, your home may be on the market longer than you initially intended. Aside from that, if your realtor is looking to move things along quickly to accommodate to other things in the schedule, they may not make the best decisions to benefit you.
  3. Other Clients – If you happen to choose an agent that is socially integrated into the real estate world, there are specific advantages to getting the exposure you need. However, that could mean that you are just one of many other people on his/her schedule that require attention to make a sale happen, whether you’re selling or buying.
  4. Middle Man – Although your agent can handle all of the paperwork, hiring a lawyer to quickly review the paperwork and then you can sign your name! You have a middleman talking on your behalf, and you don’t know everything that’s going on, you’re left on the outside.

River City Home Offer

Lucky for our clients, we aren’t real estate agents! You can avoid a ton of these cons while you’re dealing with us. With River City Home Offer, we want to help relieve stress by informing clients about everything they need to know about selling their house, even when they don’t have an agent. We have so much experience, and we’ve seen everything, so let us know how we can help by giving us a call at (901) 654-8557.