Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

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Although the traditional route for investment like stocks and bonds can be beneficial, real estate allows investors to have more control, and ultimately, a higher return. Depending on many factors like geographic location, the economic market, and more, people are finding that investing is a great way to maneuver out of the norm when it comes to making money.

Most Common Opportunities:

Cash Flow – Right off the bat, the tenants pay a monthly rent that’s usually higher than the monthly mortgage rate. After spending what you owe for the mortgage, you can pocket the rest for a consistent stream of money.

Instant Equity – It may be difficult, but if you can find a property that’s below market value, and the appraisal proves to be higher than the purchase price, you’re guaranteed immediate equity! A bonus is to look in growing markets to turn around a property to sell for quick cash.

Tax Write-Offs – There is a possibility to purchase real estate and swap investment to avoid paying taxes on the income of the sale itself. There are several write-offs for property management, travel costs, maintenance, etc.

Leverage – With real estate, you have the possibility of purchasing a pricey home without fronting the entire investment cost initially. You can avoid pooling all of your money into one individual project.

Be Your Boss – The creative aspect of improving your income is proven sevenfold with investing in real estate. You can forget about the average day to day 9 to 5 job, and manage your investments in whichever way you see fit.

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